Saturday, 6 February 2016

Boot camp take aways

So, I announced in early January, in Jay-Z launching Tidal fashion, that I was committing myself to a fitness boot camp by Darren "Bear" Craven, to get myself into shape following my incredible efforts at gaining Christmas podge.

I've since been to two classes.

One thing that's struck me is (how fucking painful it is) how hard it is to commit to specific class times when you're a busy independent corporate bitch. That's why I've turned it around (unlike Jay-Z's Tidal) and taken the things I've learnt from Darren at his Bear Strength Conditioning Performance classes and used them to form my own circuit at my usual gym to practise in-between (or, if life gets in the way, instead of) his classes.

In all honesty, we're all busy, but we have to find time to keep fit - so by attending my usual gym twice a week when I can fit a 45 min session in, I'll be able to supplement my once weekly Bear class nicely and if I have to skip a class, so be it (I hope Darren isn't reading this).

So, three things I learnt at Bear SCP, that I've taken away and practise in my usual gym:

Weighted Leg Lift

Like a normal leg lift, but with a 2kg weight stuck in-between your feet. Careful not to drop it on your balls!

Runny Heavy Thingie

Spot the photographer!

You stick a weight on it and then run as fast as you can down a carpeted runway, like Naomi Campbell when she fell over at Vivienne Westwood, it's most fun (hard).

Plank-reverse-Plank (came up with that name myself!)

Basically, you assume the plank position and then descend onto your elbows and back up again, over and over, for 3 minutes a set. Ouch.

Cue Rocky theme tune.

This post was written with my disclosure policy in mind here.