Thursday, 24 December 2015

5 Braces Of Christmas Past

Yep, I'm still a #braceface, still shining from the gob like I'm chewing tinsel. When you're tucking into your Christmas dinner, I'll inevitably be picking Snickers Celebrations out from under my wires. Festive.

Still, I won't be alone this Christmas, (aside from the billions of regular folk undergoing Orthodontic treatment around the world) there will be a barrage of braceface action on our screens this Christmas to watch out for too. Who knew Christmas TV was the best for braces?

1. Linnie McCalister, Home Alone (1990)

Not only is she a fellow braced bitch, but she's a diva with a 'tude too!

2. Darla, Finding Nemo (2003)

She's sporting something a little more severe than I'm putting up with, but girl's owning the ortho.

3. Marcia, The Brady Bunch (1969)

Marcia got her braces in the first season of the hit 60s/70s TV show, let's just say she didn't take to them straight away.

4. Girl With Head Brace, Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

She said "My boy, I think someday
You'll find a way to make your natural tendencies pay"
You'll be a dentist
(Be a dentist)
You have a talent for causing things pain
Son, be a dentist
(Son, be a dentist)
People will pay you to be inhumane

Whilst the Dentist may have once given me nightmares, now I'm a card-holding member of Orthodontia, I can't help but feel a little pang of love for the brutally horrific things he does to his patient's faces. *sigh*

5. Toe Thompson, Shorts (2009)

Finally, a guy in the list! This scene is from the opening of the movie, where our be-braced brethren cleans his mouth-gear.