Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Who's hue?

Oh dear oh dear, the boyf and I are in such dilemmas. It's autumn (nay, winter!) and we're once again turning our attention to décor after a summer of drinking Prosecco on the balcony. Only, we have a very clear vision in our minds - but when we try to articulate this, or indeed paint it on the wall, we get all confused and then just put Netflix on.

Our living room is large, dual aspect, has newly glossed skirting, door and door frame (thanks in-laws!) and we're looking to go 1970s contemporary-retro. Think mustard coloured glassware, sideboards and shag rugs.

We're going to implement a tried and tested formula, one statement wallpaper to three parts painted wall, and are stuck on the combination of colours.

Option 1, Trippy Orange 

This paper is a right statement, and we love the mix of burnt orange and deep chocolate. It's warm and cosy without being stuffy. Still, this paper would work well when papered all over a sparsely furnished room, but despite the room's size and ability to pull off such a commitment, we're only looking to paper one wall. So, that begs the question, which colour do you paint the remaining three?

The paper even features in Two Broke Girls!

We've toyed with a few muted yellows, to really hone in on that yellowish tinge so beautifully reminiscent of the 70s.

India Yellow is absolutely beautiful, the kind of earthy warm yellow you see in North African towns or south Spanish villas. It goes well with the warmth of the wallpaper, but is it too much in the way of yellow?

We also like Sudbury Yellow from Farrow & Ball too, a slightly lighter yellow, but still as warm and thick.

Option 2, Green force

The other option we've been toying with is ditching the oranges in favour of greens, which is incidentally the colour we best like for upholstery.

This moody green and mocha combo is at once freshy modern, but still harks back to a time of outside loos and cermaic ducks on the wall. We love it.

But, once again we come unstuck when it comes to the paint we want to combine it with.

Salty Peat, Valspar and Conifer, Colours
How much green is too much green? Will it be too cold? Will it be too dark? Oh the questions! Wish us luck!