Sunday, 11 October 2015


Popped by the multi-award winning Foundation Coffee House off Stevenson Sq. in Manchester's Northern Quarter t'other day. Why? For a brew, of course.

Thermos are celebrating being all good at keeping things warm and wanted to talk hot coffee with us in a hot space. The team at Foundation are hyped-up caffeine fuelled coffee manic connoisseurs, what they don't know about coffee, isn't worth knowing.

They took us through four unique brewing processes that each make a different kind of coffee. The processes were as bizarre as they were over engineered, but it was fun to watch and learn more about coffee.

I had no idea there was so much to it.

The four methods the team showed us where, Balance Syphon, Syphon, Aero-press and V60, each a totally different way of brewing coffee and not something you'll find in your local Starbucks. Note, never mention Starbucks, flavoured syrups or even sugar in front of these guys. They're serious about coffee and won't stand for it.

Syphon brewing is a bizarre one that almost amounts to witch craft. Basically, the coffee is popped into the top bit, and the water in the bottom. Then a flame is lit and boils the water, once the water reaches boiling, the vacuum created sucks the water up a spout and into the top compartment to mix with the coffee before falling back down into the bottom, ready for drinking.

How utterly ridiculous. (read: amazing)

Verdict: the coffee was weak. Not much time to brew.

Then there was this contraption. A Balance Syphon. So, much like the other Syphon, this kinetic wonder houses the water in the metal basin, where a flame underneath boils it. Once boiled it tips and the water rushes through into the glass jug to mix with the coffee before swooshing back.

Absolutely mad. (read: I want one)

Verdict: The coffee wasn't great.Once again, a little weak.

Then there's the Areo-press, an equally over complicated process to get a brew. (Anyone just fancy a Nescafe?) Here the coffee is popped into an air tight telescopic thingie and water poured in on top. Once sealed you pop the contraption over your cup and push down really hard until the water seeps through the coffee. 

Insane (No, really)

Verdict: The coffee was alright actually.

The best brew was the simplest. The V60 is your standard filter coffee contraption where the coffee is popped on top of a pot and water passes through both it, and a filter paper, to make a gorgeous brew.

Verdict: The coffee was divine.

Large flask, Thermos, £30.95

Cheers to Thermos for an enlightening and buzz-filled evening and check out their new range of flasks to keep your brew hot. They made our welcome coffee at 6am and served it to us from these flasks, pipping hot, at 7pm. Amazing.