Thursday, 24 September 2015

Travel wardrobe, summer jollies

It was the first day of autumn yesterday, and the day we travelled home from our late summer get away to the wonderful coastal town of Sitges, near Barcelona in Spain.

I had planned a post about all my outfit choices for the week-long excursion, but work and frantic pre-holidays errands got in the way. So, here's a retrospective look at some of my luggage contents!

 Deck shoes, Rockport
Shirt, Criminal Damage
Shorts, Levi
Shades, Ray Ban

I love this outfit, it has a nice retro feel about it. I wore it for dinner and drinks one evening and had my shirt tucked into the shorts, buttoned all the way up and a necklace under my collar.

No break is complete without some literature! I only had time to read two of these in the week though.

I can't recommend Gray Mountain by Grisham. He seemed to struggled with how to write a convincing female protagonist. I'd sooner recommend The Litigators or The Last Juror by Grisham instead. 

Janet Mock's memoir, however, was incredible. Documenting her journey to womanhood, the autobiography is a comprehensive introduction to Trans* womanhood and answers so many of the questions you have, in a beautiful and eloquent way.

A snippet of the Santa Telca Festa celebrations on our last night on the beach front.

Jumper, TOPMAN
Shorts, Levi
Trainers, New Balance

This little outfit never saw the light, because despite the jumper being a loose knit and, basically, see-through - it was way to hot to contemplate knits!


A nice smart-ish outfit for cocktails and card games by the shore!

All Bizarre

Some tees for our nights out dancing, all paired with denim cut-off shorts, my go-to for city summer chic. These are all from a new little indie in the Northern Quarter, on Hilton Street/Stevenson Square, called Bizarre. The two black tees feat. hand stitched embroidery, sewn in-store by Damien Gray, the boutique's owner. I adore them, nice simple tees, light fabrics and tight cuts.

Cola tees, Primark
7UP tee, TK Maxx

One needs to stay refreshed when by the pool! These tees were perfect for excursions as complex as sun lounger to bar and vice versa.

From skimpiest to modest, Zara, HOM, HOM and French Connection

I basically lived in the Zara budgie smugglers, only succumbing to the French Connection shorts when the sun burn was winning!

All Calvin Klein from Mainline here

Last but not least, new undies! Because there's nothing like a pair of new knickers to pop on after a day of sun bathing!


This post was written with my disclosure policy in mind, here