Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Pilcrow Pub

Manchester is building a pub. Trained craftspeople, builders, coders and makers are coming together to lead an army of volunteers to co-operate and build a pub in Manchester, for Manchester, by Manchester.

NOMA's coordinates, which is why it's sometimes called NOMA 53°.

The team behind The Pilcrow Pub have a site, the as yet unnamed square in NOMA* and they have an architect, but that's pretty much it. Now, they need Manchester to fill in the blanks, you can join up as a volunteer here.

Construction should start in January 2016, with workshops being devised to up-skill Mancunians on just how to go about building this temporary Pub. Once built, the pub will move around NOMA and will host local beers, food and learning spaces too.
Why The Pilcrow? Well, you may not know (I didn't!) but the pilcrow, ¶, is an oft forgotten punctuation mark that signifies the end of a thought. It's still used by editors and proofreaders, but has long since been dismissed in the wake of WhatsApp and Twitter. The mark will be stamped onto each piece of the puzzle that is The Pilcrow Pub, an emblem to the organic and ever changing nature of the project. Read more on this here.

Excited? You should be!