Sunday, 16 August 2015

"It's like Uber, but for massages"

"It's like Uber, but for massages," is how I've been describing Urban Massage to anyone who will listen to me talk about the latest craze to sweep Manchester WIFI networks. Essentially it goes like this, you download the app, search massage therapists in your area and book them with as little notice as 60 minutes, direct to your home, hotel or office! Urban Massage are live in London, Bristol and now Manchester, with therapists on call to kneed out your knots and tease out muscle tension, from the comfort of you own home.

Now, I'm a big fan of massage, I try to get one every month, to help relieve tension in my back. I take all my stress internally, meaning sometimes I can barely move my neck, but, having a massage in my own living room is new for even me! This is also the first professional massage I've had from a guy, so double trouble.

All set up and ready to go in our living room! Spot the cat!

Dave was his name and he arrived right on time armed with a fold out massage table and his bag of aromatherapy oils and what not. He quickly got set up and we began. He seemed a little nervous, I was his first ever Urban Massage client and, y'know, I was reviewing him. Still, he quickly got into it.

Here's Dave!

I must admit, this was a very different massage from my usual rub down. No dimmed lighting, no atmospheric music, no hushed voices and aromatic burning oils. Instead I chatted away with Dave throughout, the cat kept pissing around and didn't understand why my head was poking through a hole in a table and it was all rather jolly... not exactly a calming massage, as my treatment was entitled.

I felt that, because it was my home, I was the host and therefore never truly let go. I wanted Dave to think I was nice and a good conversationalist, I offered him a drink, y'know hosted him. Normally, however, I barely look up at my therapists as I de-robe and say, "firm pressure between my shoulder blades," and plonk myself on the table, face down.

Urban Massage seems perfect for workaholics like me who just need the use of their neck and shoulders back before their next meeting. But, on the all too infrequent occasion that I take time to myself, I need to be properly looked after, in a spa, with pinky plonky muzak playing.

That's not to say I wouldn't use Urban Massage for those occasions when I just can't get to a salon and need a good kneading!

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This post was written with my disclosure policy in mind here.