Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dig The City Manchester 2015

Dig The City is back! Manchester's urban gardening festival returns to the city centre from 31st July - 6th August, so, what better time to introduce you to our little green corner of the city, than now? 

Our 18x4 ft rectangle of outdoor space is our little gem and we love it. Space comes at premium in the city and outdoor space, is like gold dust, so we adore our little plot of "outside". The balcony is just off our kitchen, so it made sense that our approach to urban gardening be edible, a little kitchen garden of delicious surprises.

We spend a lot of time out here too, because the balcony is covered and protected from wind and rain on three sides, so it's a cosy space to sit even when the weather isn't too good and we have the door open from the kitchen pretty much all day when we're in, so the cat can sprawl on the astro-turf and hiss at the neighbour's dog.  

We picked up the astro-turf for next to nothing from Home Bargains, but it doesn't quite extend the full length of the balcony, we were testing it out to see if we liked it before investing in a fitted run, which isn't cheap. Turns out, we love it, and will probably make the investment next summer.

Our petit pois are doing really well, as are our mini herb selection, Thyme, Oregano, Basil and Parsley. As I type I have a roasted cherry tomato and caramelised red onion soup cooling with our home grown basil leaves in it!

We also have two types of fresh mint, perfect for cocktails, three different types of strawberry and two different types of chilli growing too!

Going to dig your city?