Friday, 3 July 2015

Welcome mat

I recently blogged about buying our first home and getting our Linda Barker on and painting the hallway - this season's it colour - grey.

Well, we've just about finished and we've added a couple of additions to help make the space pop.

Firstly, we inherited a boring side table that was being used as a dressing table in the master bedroom. It fit quite well in the hallway, so we decided to give it a shot.

First I sanded it down and removed the top layer of eggshell paint and various make-up stains from the flat's previous inhabitants. Then it was time to prime it. We used Valspar Paint & Primer in One, a spray paint primer that leaves a nice even coat and gives the colour spray something to stick to.

Once that was dry, it was time for the first coat of Valspar Paint in luminous yellow! Why this colour, of all colours? Well, it looks great against grey and it's all the rage on Pinterest, dahling.

#Yellow Louis Chairs | Susan Greenleaf's Home  Joy  Art Print by Garima Dhawan - $18.00  More of the grey, yellow, white combo. Although I think too much yellow here ... 

It needed two coats to give it a good even colour and once the second coat was dry, I sprayed it with Valsper Clear Satin Varnish to give it a protective coat.I also re-sited the radiator in our hallway so the new table could fit snuggly against the wall. No biggy (nails emoji)

Our beautiful hallway

Then there was the photo ledge, as inspired by Notes from Nessa's blog, which we made from scratch! First I took three pieces of timber, two 2x1 and one 2x3. The boyf glued then together with wood glue. We had to use elastic bands to keep them firmly together whilst the glue dried. Once dried, we painted it with high gloss paint, we used Dulux Once in Brilliant White, to match all our woodwork. Then there was the pesky issue of the holes

Our beautiful picture rail

I drilled the holes and, using the spirit level etc, drilled matched holes into the wall. But, when it came to screwing the ledge to the wall, it was impossible to get the screwdriver, let alone a drill, in place. The ledge was too narrow, Damn it. Still, with a little unorthodox DIY and a lot of swearing, It's up (and it sure as hell ain't coming down) with a few of our memories on it.