Sunday, 19 July 2015


NOMA (NOrth MAnchester), the new district of the city centre, boarding Angel Meadows, Victoria Station and The Printworks is looking for a name for it's new public square and is asking Manchester residents to name it!

NOMA, the joint venture between The Co-operative, resident of the area for over 160 years and the main landowner, and Hermes Real Estate, will see a new public square unveiled in October 2015. The square will eventually be home to cafes, restaurants and bars and will be nestled within the historic and iconic Co-operative listed estate.

The possibilities are seemingly endless, we could commemorate a famous Manc, our incredible history or look to the future for something entirely new. It doesn't even have to be a square!

Submit your entry on at

Here are some of my favourites so far...

My friends and I have also been thinking of submissions. Like, Turing Square, to commemorate the great Mancunian mathematician who cracked the Enigma code and was then chemically castrated as a punishment for being homosexual.

I also like Revolution Square, to mark Manchester's revolutionary spirit: the home of socialism, co-operation, suffrage, British industry, British music.

The boyf thinks Fairtrade Square is a great way to recognise The Co-operative's global leading stance on Fairtrade.

What do you think?