Sunday, 12 July 2015

#MIF15 V #MIF13

So, Manchester International Festival is upon us once again, a truly thrilling time in Manchester's cultural calender, when the entire city is seemingly swept up in a frilly throng of arts fartsy lovilness.

However, whilst the Boyf and I have been little culture vultures and scored tickets to a few of the headline acts* - this year's line-up is somewhat... different from the last festival in 2013.

2013 saw a lot more on offer for free, more spontaneous pop-ups, Manchester Art Gallery were involved with Do It: 2013 and it just felt more like a festival. This year, the line-up is undeniably incredible, but there's v/little happening in Festival Square (Albert Square) that isn't ticketed, aside from alcohol, food and acoustic sets. Call me ungrateful but I can get better of an evening in Spinnningfields, most days

I'm not against paying for one's art, but it's nice to think people can dip their toe into the pool without forking out first. It helps punctuate a paid-for calendar with new treats and brings more people into the fold to have a gander at what's going on. 

On that note, I revert back to a promise I made in 2013, and didn't keep. Do It: 2013 was Manchester Art Gallery's contribution to the MIF13 and it was sensational, read more about it here. I promised to do it and report back, but I did neither. 

Here's some of the pieces, for you to do, I'm going to try to keep my promise!

*, The Palace Theatre
Crocodile, The Pavillion Theatre
FKA Twiggs Soundtrack 7: The Performances , Old Granada Studios

Manchester International Festival 2015 continues until 19th July