Sunday, 14 June 2015

Spare a moment for Kedem

Popped to Ideal Home Show t'other day (not really anything to write home about) but had a Jewish epiphany whilst there. Let me explain.

Kedem, Dead Sea beauty products, inspired by Cleopatra's beauty regime using the sea's minerals, were there and we were cornered by a chatty sales girl when walking past looking for carpet swatches.

After a flustered recovery from the question, "any special ladies in your lives?" To which we responded "we're each other's special lady," she promptly took to washing and exfoliating our hands.

Oh my gosh. What a transformation. I've never had hands so smooth. I've been neglecting my hands of late and you can really tell. They are all cracked and manly. Yuk. So I was well into this treat. 

She first applied a gorgeous hand sea salt scrub made with peach and honey, saying "be cheap with this, I'm Jewish, so you know I'm cheap..." (I think she meant use sparingly.)

Then a cutical roll on oil with more dead sea minerals and a rich hand cream with plant extracts.

Simply divine and worth a cheeky mention here.