Sunday, 31 May 2015

Insert 50 shades joke

Well, the boyf and I moved into our very own home in April and since then has been a whirlwind of housewarming parties, unpacking, this, that and the other. So, I've barely had time to tell you about the numerous shades of grey we've been prating around with, in a quest to bring our hallway in line with Elle Decoration.

But first, to cover off the basics, we've just bought a three bed flat in the city centre, in an area of Salford called Trinity, close to the legendary Salford Arms Hotel, and Salford Central Station (which no one knows about...) Basically a ten minute walk from House of Fraser on Deansgate. The area is very quiet, leafy and just a hop, skip and a jump from town; our very own oasis in the city and we're in love with it. We have a nice balcony, views across communal gardens and - so far - really lovely neighbours! 

Now, our flat comprises a wide entrance hallway, with two double bedrooms off the right-hand side and the master in the corner too. Then, the kitchen, leading to balcony, and the bathroom are to the left with the lounge-diner to to the rear. So, we have a big, long hallway, with none of it's own light sources, save the glassed front door leading to the communal corridor. Needless to say, it's been a bit tricky deciding which shade to paint it, especially when we had our hearts set on grey.

From top to bottom, right to left, Hinky Punk, Skylon Grey, Granite, Seersucker Suit, Heavy Mist.

We narrowed our selection down to five shades, all of very different types. We'd read in many magazines the perils of blue-based greys, green-based greys, purple-based greys and to be honest, were left adrift a murky sea of confusion (which is probably the name of another grey paint) and therefore felt it best to just slap a few samples on the wall and live with them for a week. So, we did.

It turns out we've chose (the most expensive...) a grey that goes against most of the "which grey paint" articles on Pinterest, but one that works for us. It's Skylon Grey by Fired Earth a bluey grey akin to the lightest tones found in slate rock and in a matt finish has a really modern and fresh look.

We're not finished yet, but here's a taste of where we're headed.

Here's a carefully taken photo of my hall, in an attempt to give a general feel for the look we're going for. This is the paint with a single coat (and not cut-in...)

Not my hallway, but DIY Picture ledges, courtesy of notes from nessa and her hallway.

We're on the hunt for a great mirror to hang/stand near the door and some assorted photo frames to stand against the wall on a shelf a la the ones above. We've also come across some beautiful prints of birds and insects in a cute stationery shop just down the road called Pencil Me In. They're like like Spirograph drawings and will make a nice addition to the hallway and lead into the other rooms, which will have a distinct natural theme too (I'm being cryptic because we're not sure what the other rooms will look like yet....)

I'll keep you updated on our progress, and feel free to give my Pinterest a follow too, for more home and interiors inspiration.

Shout out to the parents-in-law who did all the glossing in the flat and made the woodwork look stunning!