Sunday, 29 March 2015

Twitter and #Fashion

The good people at Twitter UK sent us a box of goodies t'other day at work, and in it was a book all about British fashion and the micro-blogging network. Naturally it was thrown in my direction as everyone else dived for the stationery. 

It's forwarded by the lovely Caroline Rush, Cheif Executive of the British Fashion Council and includes insights into top influencers and how the fashion business uses Twitter and its advertising platform to reach their desired markets.

Here are some of my favourite insights:
47% of fashion and beauty followers have bought from a brand as a direct result of following them on Twitter
Top fashion influencers include individuals, like @SusieBubble, @HilaryAlexander, @Alexa_Chung and @disneyrollrgirl (read more of my live interview with Navaz Batliwalla of Disneyrollergirl here)

56% said that Twitter was the one platform where they could have a conversation with people in the fashion industry they admire versus 19% for the next closest social platform

As many as 74% of Twitter users are interested in London Fashion Week

51% of users said Twitter was more likely to offer backstage access to events like #LFW
@AdidasNeoLabel achieved over 1bn impressions for their Twitter-first AW14 campaign which saw Twitter users choose every element of the Neo Label catwalk show via Twitter voting cards

@Missguided saw a £29 ROI for every £1 on its Twitter card website re-targeting and email cross-matching campaign

52% of users said Twitter provides the experts' view on events like London Fashion Week, more than twice as likely as other social platforms

I'm not surprised by any of the statistics in this book, as someone who has both used Twitter to satisfy my personal interest in fashion as well as to meet my objectives as a marketeer (in fashion and outside fashion) Twitter is the number one platform for sharing the immediacy and right here right now feeling of fashion.

Twitter is a noisy, opinionated, crowded, messy space. It's the BFC Tent at Somerset House just before a show, only it doesn't get quiet when the lights go down and the music starts. It's perfect for fashion!

Statistics from Nielson Twitter UK Deep Diver 2014 ("Fashion & Apparel" and "Beauty") and #Birdsignals Twitter & Vision Critical 08/2014