Sunday, 15 March 2015

Introducing: Braceface

Ladies, gentlemen and all others in between. My name is Jordan McDowell, and I am a Braceface.

It's happened, my metal mouth prison has been affixed and I'm well on my way to an Oral-B advert smile.

 SS15, metallics.

It all happened rather fast, I popped into the Orthodontist's to have one part of the brace fixed and ended up with the whole meat and two veg being constructed! I hadn't even had the chance to have my last supper (crunchy bread, crusty bread and crunchy crusty bread), but que sera, the sooner they're on the sooner they're off.

So, wanna take a tour 'round ma gob? Right now, this is what it feels like.

But, here's what's actually goin' on up in here. Firstly, I have this spring-loaded mouse-trap of a thing wrapped around my back teeth. It's pushing my upper arch out and wider to make more room for my teeth to move without the need for tooth extraction. 

Upper arch widener, a whole lotta metal

This was what I thought I was having fitted when they went ahead and carried on the roadworks. As well as this springy thing, I have upper and lower fixed metal braces, y'know the kind, like those Lisa Scott-Lee wore in the '90s. Perhaps I could be considered retro-cool? (Please?)

Whilst they're rather tender, are gouging sores into my cheeks and lips, my tongue is ulcerated from the arch widener and I broke them in three places within 4 hours of having them on (I craved crusty bread), I'm rather liking getting to know them and I think it'll be an interesting partnership over the next 2-3 years (Oh Jesus, that's a long time, isn't it?) I'm also looking forward to chronicling their noble endeavours here on this very blog.

Oh, just a call out to the team at Manchester University Dental Hospital Children's* Orthodontists Department, they're all rather marvellous and have made what has been a very difficult and stressful decision all the easier to make by being understanding and lovely all the way through. Also, a call out to my beloved boyf who has been carefully planning meals around my inability to chew and bought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to cheer me up after having a few sleep-interrupted nights through the pain.

*Yes Children's, more on this little gem soon.

Stay tuned for more Chronicles of Braceface.