Sunday, 22 March 2015

(some of) The best breakfast joints in Manchester

The boyf and I have taken to a Sunday stroll into the city for breakfast of the past few weeks - and it's fast becoming my favourite thing to do. We've yet to go back to the same place twice, and it's lovely getting to sample some of the city's brilliant breakfast kitchens before everyone wakes up.

Here's a list of some of our favourites, in no particular order, to give you some motivation to get outta bed and sample the delights...

1. The Koffee Pot, Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, £

The famous orange signs, in that same burnt hue as the original Soda Stream machine, have recently been perched atop a new location. The Koffee Pot was resident on Hilton Street, just off Stevenson Square, for, like, ever, until the landlords booted them out to extend the neighbouring hostel and KP set-up shop over on nearby Oldham Street in an old vintage clothing store. I love The Koffee Pot for their Irish breakfast (with black AND white pudding!) and their filter coffee (or, should that be koffee?) because it's as no-nonsense as everything else they do, and how they do it.

2. Home Sweet Home, Edge Street, Northern Quarter, ££

A right cute place, a series of little rooms straight out of Wonderland with top notch breakfast options like Steak & Hash and the usual fry up. Expect hipsters recovering from the night before (probably in Home Sweet Home tbh, as it's not just a breakfast place) and lovely staff.

3. Moose Cafe, York Street, Piccadilly, ££

If you're planning on frequenting this place on a Sunday, expect a long ass queue (over an hour, mostly) unless you get there at the crack of dawn (like we did!) We tried for a month to get in and it wasn't until we rocked up at 9:20am that we got in and took the last available table! Why the hype? It's a Canadian and American breakfast place! I know! For those that have been to American's Denny's (Big up Highway 192 in Orlando FL), you'll know North Americans do breakfast in a special kinda way and Moose Cafe is a small slice of that pie. Pancakes, Maple syrup, streaky bacon and everything in-between. Well worth the wait.

4. Bagel Nash, Winter Garden, Manchester Arndale and Hardman Square, Spinningfields, £

This deserves a special mention, simply because the boyf loves it. To be honest, they do one thing and one thing well - bagels. But, they also consider 2x hash browns a single portion for £1. So, I'm sold.

5. SuperStore, Tib Street, Northern Quarter, ££ 

I have a love/hate relationship with this place because it's dead lovely, but their staff are a bit pants, at times. They stop serving breakfast at 12noon on a Sunday (bit harsh), but won't take lunch orders until breakfast is polished off - which can take the kitchen an age. Needless to say, we bolted on our second visit after waiting 40 minutes for a menu, to be told we still couldn't order... But, when you do manage to get breakfast, it's divine. Also, there's a grocery store in the basement (which I always forget to have a mooch around) but that's a + point, right?