Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 things you can't do, when you have braces

Here's a (non-exhaustive) list of the random things you can't do when you've got fixed braces, or at least, the random things I can't seem to do any more... These things aren't necessarily what you'll find in the So, you're thinking about fixing your botched-up smile? pamphlets, and have come to my attention over the last few weeks of having #braceface.

1. Bite open, anything. Sachets of sauce, sellotape, heads off of bats
2. Bite your lip (in a seductive fashion, or otherwise)
3. Bite your nails (probably a good thing)

4. Do this facial stretch, which you never realised you needed to do, until you couldn't...
5. Suck things out of your teeth, like a boss...

6. Lick your teeth like in an toothpaste advert
7. Eat crusty bread (in case I hadn't already mentioned that)
8. Chew gum
9. Eat apples, like a normal person 

10. Eat carrots like Bugs Bunny