Thursday, 12 February 2015

House of Suarez rock Manchester

Queer Contact and House of Suarez staged a Vogue Ball straight out of Paris Is Burning at Manchester's Gorrilla the other night and it was glitter on toast!

For those that aren't familiar with Jennie Livingston's acclaimed documentary, Paris Is Burning, depicting New York "Vogue Balls," they were a place where (predominantly) Black street kids from all corners of the LGBT spectrum would come together, in community halls and disused clubs, to don their best (stolen) garb and strut that runway like the models in Paris. True eleganza, genuine realness, pure fabulousness.

Manchester in 2015 may be a different place than NYC in 1980s, but those kids werqin it on the runway took me to somewhere holy, and it wasn't church. Young, bendy and fierce-as-fuck, these kids were the definition of performance art.

House of Suarez, House of Cards and other dance/performance groups competed in categories and then for the title of Best Overall House.

I can't remember who won what because the beer was cheap and I was on fire, but it was fierce - I can tell you that much.

Well done to all involved (and thanks to everyone that posted their snaps, because you made my photo editing job way easier!)

Long reign House of Suarez.