Thursday, 20 November 2014

Online Christmas stocking fillers

A few bits I wouldn't mind waking up to on Christmas morning...

100 Vogue postcards, The Handpicked Collection, £14.95, buy here


Kissing stags mug, The Handpicked Collections £9.95, buy here

Eco Amp, Eco Made, Origin68, £7.00, buy here

Temporary finger tattoos, Rosie Wonders, £6.50, buy here

Personalised Christmas Sack, Just Letters, £19.95, buy here

Professional note book, Ogami, Origin68, £4.00, buy here

Rainbow Pack, Happy Socks, £29.99, buy here

Pixel Rainbow Necklace, FrozenCrafts, Etsy, £9.83, buy here

Handmade Paper Bird, Kaper, Etsy, £10.00 (SALE) buy here

Peach and Apricot Tea, Metropolitan Tea, $6.50, buy here