Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What should men wear on a night out at a casino?

I recently watched Casino Royal again and I can't help but wish all casinos were like that. Swarve, black-tie, decadent, shaken not stirred. The Chinese casino in Skyfall is pretty incredible too, not your average 24/7 slot machine palace 'eh? Personally, I don't often frequent casinos, gambling just isn't my thing, but they can be the source of a brilliant night out, (if you squint and pretend you're Daniel Craig). They offer a change of scene, generally excellent drinks, food, void of too many drunkards and they have cleaner bathrooms to boot. Of course, many people gamble online at casinos like, but that's for the hardcore gamers, here we're talking looking the part without splashing the chips. 

Tuxedo, shirt and accessories, TM Lewin.

When it comes to dressing for the Roulette table, many white-van men will just rock up to their local gambling house and bearly remove their hi-vis vest. However, you can go about things more tastefully. Smart casual attire is one thing, but then again going all out is far more fun! Plus, remember that whilst the local casino on the by-pass will accept a check shirt and pair of chinos as long as you're of legal age, inner city casinos with a little more panache will demand adherence to their more stringent dress codes. So check before you rock up.

On my infrequent visits to casinos I've adopted something between smart casual and pushing it. A John Galliano newspaper print tee with tuxedo trousers and patent leather slip-ons was a sight to be seen at the Grosvenor on the A56, I can tell you. But, I wouldn't be against stepping it up further, but perhaps not that Bertie Wooster look instead something more James Bond. It's not often gents get to adopt a real tuxedo, cuff-links, dress shirt et al and there's no better place to try out this timeless look than in a place with glaring neon lights and patterned carpets under foot.

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