Saturday, 28 June 2014

#HouseofMask by Cubanisto, a tale told by Instagram

Something weird and wonderful happened last night when Cubanisto, the new rum flavoured beer, took over Manchester's iconic Old Granada Studios for a masquerade ball like no other.

Upon climbing the iron stair case to the studio lots, we were ushered into a warehouse studio marked by a neon skull. A tall man in white greeted us with, "Greetings sir and madame, please confess your sins," leading us to a room filled with chequebook like cards with the statement "I confess that..." printed on them.

Once we'd decided which sin to confess, another man in white lead us to two scary bitches in nurses uniforms. These two simultaneously told us to "please confess your sin, " and once handing the confession to them, said, "thank you for your cooperation, please proceed." We were lead into a cupboard, like a real cupboard. But, when you opened the door and stepped inside, the cupboard extended, like Narnia, into a passage way that got narrower and narrower and lead to a tiny door that you had to crouch to get into.

Once through the tiny door, we hit the House of Mask rave, complete with fab DJ, food, drinks and all manner of weird shit. Art murals you could add to, a big screen broadcasting the anonymous confessions and the quest to match the skull jig-saw piece you'd been given to someone else's in return for a skull key (there's a theme) the key opened a box and the box could have had a prize (more beer). 

I could barely keep up!

My instagram story sort of ends here as I got all banjee and messy and a little Cuban. So, here's some other people's documentation.