Monday, 26 May 2014

SS14 Look Book: Touch down

I'm not sure why, but I'm a little bit into perforated tees and vests at the moment. Especially sporty numbers. Who knew, I never even did P.E!

Well, anywho, it seems Primark shares my obsession. Wait, before you gasp, yes I went to the northern quarter to check out the vintage stores and their plethora of actual real-life American sportswear. But, it was all a little smelly AND real, so, there was room in those tops for armour and shit. They weren't made for posing in. Hence my Primarni interlude and my £5-8 bargains, thank you very much!

First up, American football. Or as my dad says, Rugby for wusses. 

Shades, RayBan
Top, Coca-Cola, Primark, £5.00
Shorts, Primark, £8.00
Trainers, Adidas, Selfridges, £35.00 SALE

Look, I'm being sporty, and running! The top is a really nice fit, with an authentic feel, which is really important when one's pretending one plays American football whilst sipping Pinot Grigio in the sun, y'know?

The trainers were a steal at the last Selfridges sale and serve me well at my weekly Circuits class. Yes, I do get some exercise.