Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pre-holiday Pampers: Refinery Facial

I'm preparing for my impending jollies I am. The boyf, a gaggle of besties and I are off to the Spanish east-coast for a spot of sun, sand 'n sangria, and following the rather successful Ultimate Facial I had t'other month, which you can read about here, I knew I couldn't get preened, plucked and pampered for my upcoming holiday without a visit to Skin Health Spa!

This time opting for a men only treatment The Refinery Facial (as if that makes it more butch) I enjoyed a specially concocted 30 minute facial treatment for male skin, designed to leave it refreshed, cleansed and clear. (£65)

My therapist started the treatment off with a double cleanse, using a face wash from Refinery, (£18 here) This simple cleanser primes the skin ready for the treatment and leaves you all fresh and lovely.

Following this, a bit of a scrub. Now, I love a good scrub, I exfoliate about once a week and pay particular attention to my forehead, which can get a little bumpy at times. But, as I've now learnt, that's not necessarily the best thing for our skin! Exfoliating products are often creamy, soap-based products that can dry the skin. When the skin becomes dry, the dead skin can become trapped and this is what creates a bumpy uneven surface. Exfoliating can be the trigger of a vicious cycle! But, my therapist used Aromatherapy Associates Natural Exfoliating Grains (£19 here), a mildly abrasive powder made from crushed seeds, oatmeal etc. that when mixed with a little essential oil, does the job without drying the skin! Bonus!

Look how relaxed I look!

After the scrub, it was time for a mask, to penetrate deep into the skin. The mask was from Refinery again (£27 here) and was a clay based mask with Jojoba, Sandlewood, Ginger and Black pepper. Good enough to eat! Whilst this soaked in, I was treated to a scalp massage. Heaven.

10 minutes later, off it came and then the finishing touches were a splash of Refinery Revitalising Moisturiser (£39.00 here, there's a mattyfing one too if you suffer from oily skin) and a dab of essential oil over my eyes. 

Now my skin is ready to be burnt to a crisp in Spain!