Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Ultimate Facial, no, really!

I'm not exactly a facial kinda gal. I know what you're thinking, "give over, you've been getting facials since you could crawl on yo hands 'n knees!" Well, let me tell you, this visage is au naturale. 

Which is precisely why it needed a facial.

To tell you the truth, I've had a handful in my time, but never really considered it my go-to beauty remedy. I mean, you fork out dosh to get cream spurted on your cheeks and then leave looking flushed, confused and cheap. It's not exactly aromatherapy at it's best, now is it?

Well, that was until I had The Ultimate Facial at Skin Health Spa in Manchester. Why is it the ultimate facial? I'll tell you why, it's £245.00, so it better work!

The Ultimate Facial is a four-step treatment targeting multiple layers of your face to condition deep into the skin and leave a long-lasting effect. It was originally developed for an unnamed celebrity client who needed a facial to combat the grime of London, make-up, studio lights and the general filth that smacked up on her face on a day-to-day basis. Now, I may not be a TV starlet (yet), but my face gets it fair share of dirt. Trust.

After cleansing the skin and sloping a lot of lovely creamy stuff on my face, my lovely technician, Dee, began with step one, microdermabrasion. Microscopic crystals were bounced off my skin within a high-pressure tube, not dissimilar to the sucky thing a Hygienist uses to suck up your spit when you're having a scale and polish. Dee worked the sucky-upy-thingie around my face with particular attention to problem areas (of which, apparently, there were a few).

After this, the left over crystals were massaged into my skin along with two other exfoliation scrubs to lift off all the shit Dee had just realised from my mortified pores. Once these were lifted off, an enzyme facial mask was spread onto my skin and left for 5-10 minutes to set. The enzymes work to re balance skin oils and settle any blemishes, depigmentation and general problem areas.

Me, mid-way through my facial. Looking hot.

Once the enzymes had done their work, Dee started the transderm treatment. Transderm is basically a traditional facial, on speed. Cosmeceutical creams and delicacies are spread onto your skin as normal and then an electrical Taser, much like one would see their local Bobby carrying, is pressed onto your face and then, you're subsequently electrocuted.

OK, I'm going overboard. But, it was rather bizarre. Transderm helps get the facial cosmeceutical lotions and potions deep into the skin by penetrating into the layers beneath the surface of the skin with electric pulses. Not suitable for a whole raft of people including diabetics, people with epilepsy and pregnant ladies, the treatment is one of the more radical in the high-street beauty repertoire, but pretty damn impressive too.

Once I'd been electrocuted, Dee finished the treatment with a light facial massage, the fourth step from fugly to fabulous.

I must admit, the prospect of a £245 facial every 2-3 weeks is alien to many, including me, but this was a facial straight out of the ordinary. Plus, the offers and incentives available at Skin Health Spa are pretty unbeatable. OK, so you're paying £245 for the best facial in the world? But, what about if I told you your second only cost £1? If you book before the end of March 2014, you'll get a second treatment (the same as the one you've paid for) for £1. There's loads of offers including the Six Steps to Skin Health package of six treatments worth £637 for £193! Find out more offers available here.

Go forth, discover what it's like to be beautiful.