Saturday, 22 March 2014

SS14 Look Book: 80s Casual

God I love the 1980s. I know everyone does, now that TOPMAN has been stuck there for the past 3 years, but I just love that hey-day American power look. And the boys looked hot.

Having said that, this look isn't hey-day American power, but it has a touch of late 80s high-school jock (read: wannabe cheerleader) about it anyhow.

Cap, Fearless, £2.99, SportsDirect
Top, TOPMAN, £20
Dungeress, TOPMAN £30
HiTops, Converse, $29.99
Wrist strap, Denham, Gift

Not that bloggy is it? Nope, but it's comfy, humorous and just the right side of boyish for a gentleman my age.