Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Board Games: Selfridges celebrates street and surf style

Now, who am I to comment on skateboards? I mean, I had one, it was a beast of a thing. I used to ride it down the hill of our cul-de-sac. Mind you, when I say ride, what I really mean is I sat on it (or lay on it, if I was feeling particularly frisky) and then just kind of wobbled off as a breaking mechanism. Not exactly, down with the kids, but let me tell you about a series of skateboards more in my arena.

Board, Billionaire Boy's Club, from £75, Selfridges

Board, Kenzo, from £75, Selfridges
Board, Blood Brothers, from £75, Selfridges

As a means of celebrating surf and skate, your friendly local neighbourhood Selfridges has enlisted the support of internationally acclaimed and renowned fashion designers to put pen to board and create art with wheels, they're calling it Board Games.

Board, Phillip Lim, from £75, Selfridges

Board, BOY London, from £75, Selfridges
Board, Christian Louboutin, from £75, Selfridges
This is skateboarding I can get on-board with, pardon the pun. It's pretty, it doesn't require a helmet and I'm unlikely to get a graze on my knee.
Board, Stella McCartney, from £75, Selfridges
Board, Yohji Yamamoto, from £75, Selfridges

Board, Christian Louboutin, from £75, Selfridges

Board, Dries Van Noten, from £75, Selfridges