Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dandy Clash

I'm on the panel at Dandy Clash. WTF? I know, right? Dandy Clash is a start-up online forum-style website for British men to 'av a gossip about the big questions like, does a one-off sexual encounter with a man make a straight man bisexual? And, when’s the best time to leave home?

 photo WRW_zpse24fca5c.jpg
Set up by Leon Bailey-Green, the ecommerce and fashion B2B-go-to, the site aims to shine a light on the modern (did someone say Metrosexual?) British man, his thoughts, feelings and opinions on topics of conversation. Like bar stool chatter, but SEO optimised.

 photo sFS_zps5eb35e84.jpg

I've made my first contribution to the plethora of male voices on Dandy Clash, answering the quite frankly paramount question: what do you think of Topman’s prices, products and stores?