Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tash Diary 4: The end

Well, it's the end of #Movember, the end of a month of hairy antics and an itchy upper lip. 

Key learnings: I can grow a stache, I don't look that odd (although, there is still disagreement) and I still might keep it for Christmas!

 photo 4-upon2013-12-01at2014_zps7e09ea5d.jpg

Oh, and we changed the face of men's health for another year with the Movember movement, well done guys and girls! Or, should I say, Mo Bros and Mo Sitas? (No, I shouldn't say that, ever).

Thank you to those that supported my efforts and donated to the cause, it truly meant a lot. I can now reveal that my grand total for Movember 2013 is:


But, wait, that's not all. You can still donate to support Movember! Click here now and dig deep because, after all, it's nearly Christmas!

Oh and I celebrated the end of Movember 2013 by watching Oscar winning Argo, a film pretty much just about Moustaches in the Middle East.

 photo Argo-7copy_zps242c2ed5.jpg