Monday, 2 December 2013

Sinn Watches

As Christmas looms thoughts turn to gift lists and just what Father Christmas might bring down the chimney.

One of the brands on my wish list is Sinn watches at, an aviator watch brand with more flying experience than most. Founded in the swinging sixties by Luftwaffe flying instructor, Helmut Sinn, the watches and their lofty history in the skies bring a whole lot more to the table than the latest aviator inspired piece of bling from the catwalk.

As many a PR story goes, one upon a time a man called Sinn was dissatisfied with the crap around him and so decided to make his own fabulous and practical watches, and so the brand was born. 1994 came along and Sinn sold the company, heralding a new chapter. New owner Lothar Schmidt, an ex-engineer, brings new technological advances to the timepieces and to the wrists of many men around the world.

Whilst browsing the designer outlets on my recent trip to the States, I was tempted by many of the gorgeous blingy wristwatches on offer, but decided against a rose-gold Michael Kors because, deep down, I knew that within the inner workings, cogs and movements of that watch - quality was not at play. If I'm going to invest in a timepiece, it needs to stand the test of time.

Let's have a look at the options, shall we?

Sinn Series UX SDR, Rubber Strap Red. £1,453.00
 photo screen_shot_2013-06-06_at_094525_zps9aaf2eca.png
Looks the part, a touch of sports-luxe about it and it can keep on ticking at temperatures -25 degrees Celsius, now that's reliability.

Sinn 917, Leather Strap. £1,752.99
 photo sinn_917_f_lb_zpse6b34907.jpg
One of the most beautiful watch faces I've seen in a long while. It looks like it's straight out of a Sherlock Holmes novel and might also be a map to a secret base or nearest speak-easy.

Sin 856, Leather strap. £1,113.99


Referred to as the Pilot's Watch, with a face similar to those on the dials found within a cockpit. This is a little piece of something different.

Looks like I'll have to get my Christmas list posted early, to give Santa enough time to save for one of these bad boys!


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