Wednesday, 11 December 2013

National Christmas Jumper Day 2013

So, 13th December is National Christmas Jumper day, who knew? Well, ASOS did apparently, that's why they let me loose in their virtual jumper department to find a jumper with a little Christmas jeux ne se quois.

 photo tree_zps453b4185.jpg 

Me, posing casually with the upside-down Christmas tree at our window...
Whilst a novelty is, you know, a novelty, I wasn't keen on adding a throw away item to my wardrobe to be worn once and never again (well, until next Christmas, anyway). Instead I opted for a suitably festive number, something down the Nordic Christmas route, but with a British heritage theme, by way of embroidered Mallards. Basically I copped out and just got a well nice knit that I'll wear all winter!

  photo jumper_zpsedea4ae5.jpg 

I'm not a total Scrooge, I jazzed up the look with a metal lapel Reindeer pin, perfect for Crimbo as we're having Venison!
  photo pin_zps31c4a2d7.jpg

Get your Christmas jumper now, just in time for the big day!