Monday, 11 November 2013

Zara Manchester: A new look for AW13

Zara in Manchester city centre has undergone a bit of a facelift, one that's taken months and has even resulted in a new floor. The Spanish high street juggernaut opened its doors to waif-like fashionistas and, well, me, to celebrate over drinks and tiny yet delicious canap├ęs, last Thursday night.

 photo 131108_ITX_Manchester_013_v1a_zps7f548bd1.jpg

Zara, New Cathedral Street, Manchester

Those accustomed to Zara will agree that it's the closest to shopping high-end that you can get, without having to pay high-end. There's an airy, glossy, off-the-cuff European class about it and the stores are not too crowded, or loud, or full of gross people. It's just like, totally lovely.

Now, what Zara have done in Manchester is make it glossier, airier, more blantently European classy and they've gone and stuffed another floor in. I know, OMG WTF.

 photo 131108_ITX_Manchester_149_v1a_zps8d1fa11b.jpg 

Well done, now, what to buy?

 photo 5756588670_1_1_1_zps4883ba8b.jpg  

Coat with fur collar, Zara, £159.00

 photo 5354202040_1_1_1_zps40f1fb76.jpg

Soft ankle boot with zip, Zara, £79.99 


P.S. we all got these gorgeous little bracelets with a mini pendent attached that had the word "Manchester" engraved on it. I'm going to think up something totally bloggy to do with them, custom collar tips perhaps? 

P.P.S in my haste to get this published because, y'know, it was Thursday and today's Monday, I forgot I was a blogger. A blogger with an opinion, a social commentator, Bridget Jones etc. etc. and forgot to say I'm well gutted that after months of revamping, Zara still neglected to introduce Zara Home to Manchester, in what is one of their biggest UK stores. Pretty poor form. Thanks @ghostlytom for reminding me of myself.