Thursday, 7 November 2013

Appy Shopping: Mallzee put to the test

Mallzee launched at London Fashion Week in September and claims to be the app to change the way people shop. Hmmm.

It this just another shiny pretty way to get online shoppers to shop through affiliate links, earning clever tech-geeks money for guiding you to the checkout or is this a genuine social enterprise that's looking to make savvy consumers of us all?

I logged in to try it out.

 photo Photo03-11-2013132157_zpsa13ad1f8.png 

 Facebook integration, nice touch.

 photo Photo03-11-2013132234_zps11197774.png 

Now for a quick-fire tutorial to how the app works. You double tap on Mallzee suggestions you like, so it can save them for you and learn your sense of style.

 photo Photo03-11-2013132246_zps85f5cf8c.png 

Hold down on items to present share options to get your mate's opinion.

 photo Photo03-11-2013132241_zpsa2d9ba1b.png 

Pinch items you don't like the look of.

 photo Photo03-11-2013132313_zps082f6588.png 

Pick from a pretty small selection of brands.

 photo Photo03-11-2013132254_zpscc8959c6.png 
Tap or pinch a couple of suggestions

 photo Photo03-11-2013132344_zps4af74fa2.png 
Let Mallzee do it's calculations...

 photo Photo03-11-2013132349_zps6d09d6a9.png 

Oh, there's fuck all for me...

 photo Photo03-11-2013132211_zpsa16c0210.png 
So here's a random suit you might like!

Nice try Mallzee but I'll stick to the old fashioned way of online shopping for now.

Try it out yourself on iPhone here.