Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Fashion Break: Vlogging and DaveyWavey

Let's take a break from being so god damn chic and talk about some non-fashion, yeah?

So. video killed the radio star and whilst I'm still a lover of the blogger I'm more and more inclined to leave y'all high 'n dry and join the vlogger world? Why? Because, who has time to read anymore?

Nah I'm just kiddin' ya. But, I am in love with vloggers. They ooze star appeal from their badly lit bedrooms and make tip tap typing on a keyboard look as archaic as newspapers.

My other secret confession is, I kinda forget my fashionable self when I dive into YouTube and forgo haul-vloggers filming the contents of their shopping bags in favour of homosexuals; more specifically American homosexuals with incredible pectorals.

Meet, DaveyWavey self proclaimed gay globe-trotting YouTube sensation and fitness guru (and girl the millions of video views and those abs speak the truff)

Great videos to watch include: (DISCLAIMER ALERT: not for the faint or straight hearted)

Drag Queen glossary feat. William Belli

Highlight: "That's where all the good slang comes from, it's Black people."

What Gay guys think about Vaginas

Highlight: Everything.

Manchester Pride: The Gayest Gay Pride Ever feat. ME!


Highlight: I'm in it. Kinda.

There in the blue t-shirt!