Sunday, 1 September 2013

Totes Tie Die: Aztekkers printed tees

I do love it when fashion can make me think and/or rethink.

Aztekkers is a little known unisex tee brand and brainchild of Central Saint Martin's graduate Lucy Peart and her boyfriend Sam Parker. The pair design quirky inoffensive graphic tees with vivid, trippy tie dye fabrics.

I'm not into tie dye as such. My other half loves it, but I've always considered hippy-trippy a little, well, unfashionable (for me anyway). However, readers will know, I'm all over print this season and the way Aztekkers style their tie-dye is more ghetto than Glasto, that's something I can get on-board with.

 photo BRsfyqLCcAAHfUZjpg_large_zps27600c52.jpg

  photo BSQ7y3rCcAAHf1hjpg_large_zps726d26ca.jpg 

There's something about these tees, when styled on these guys, that stops them being cutesy cuddly and makes them a little rougher, a little more right now.

 photo BSqiO-1CQAIfTNUjpg_large_zps62a0fb95.jpg 

Shop Aztekkers tees from £15 now, online here.