Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Workwear Wardrobe: Look 3

Part 3 of the workwear week of posts and we've returned to the blue mood, but with a totally different look. I do love a tie, but we so rarely wear them well. 

I, for instance, have to be careful not to wear one too wide, because when compared with my frame, I can look like a clown. Similarly, so many men opt for footballer fist-sized tie knots over slender Windsor knots and most don't have them tied tight enough at all! What would Don Draper say? (Mad men reference)

 photo IMG_9423_zpsc2ff08b3.jpg 
Shirt, TM Lewin, £35.00
Tie, so old I can't remember.
Trousers, H&M, £15.00 SALE
Cufflinks, Ted Baker, Gift
Brogues, Burton, £55.00

  photo IMG_9425_zps5ccc48a7.jpg 

A leaving present from the girls at my last job, these lovely cufflinks.

  photo IMG_9422_zps8163a975.jpg 

  photo IMG_9427_zps462706ec.jpg 

Now that's a Windsor knot!