Tuesday, 13 August 2013

London Collections Men Harvey Nichols Tour, Manchester

Last time I descended the worryingly steep steps of 2022NQ, one of Manchester's coolest nightspots-come-art-spaces, I was a little worse for wear and had a little too much glitter on my face. I was there to attend a DJ set at regular club night, Homo Electric, featuring (everyone's favourite Swedish popstar) Robyn, but this time I was there for a whole different reason: fashion, dahling.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at210612_zps8fb8174b.png
Not only was I soba, but I was not to touch a drop of the good stuff all night, apparently LC:M is all about the non-alcoholic, go figure. Still, the London contingient did Manchester proud, bringing a handful of the capital's best new design talent to the city, all in the name of a Harvey Nichols partay. 

 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at210619_zps2a688ea4.png 

I could list each designer, their collection's motifs, themes, cuts and styles, I could pin point the best outfits amongst the attendees or I could just say this:

printed tees are going to be huge next season.

Here's my favourites.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at205344_zpsa814488e.png 
James Long

 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at210127_zpsee712fef.png  
 Katie Eary.

A selection of each designer is available at Harvey Nichols.