Sunday, 7 July 2013

BAGGED: A post of purchases feat. Criminal Damage and BOY London

SS13 SALE season is nearly over and I've nabbed a modest selection of bargains from the rails.

The last instalment of my SALE purchases was from the rails at Selfridges, here goes!

 photo IMG_9395_zps18484f5a.jpg 
  photo IMG_9395_zps18484f5a.jpg 

Jumper, Criminal Damage, Selfridges, WAS £45.00 NOW £19.00

  photo IMG_9400_zps5a9c9eaf.jpg 

I love the print, I'm into print, as some of you will be aware, and what a better way to celebrate that than with the most bizarre print ever to reside on a sweater? Part of my smart SALE shopping regime, this piece is perfect for colder AW13 months!

  photo IMG_9403_zpseb47ccb1.jpg 

Jumper, Criminal Damage, Selfridges, WAS £45.00 NOW £19.00
  photo IMG_9407_zps54b3891c.jpg 

Strictly speaking, this is Adam's but isn't it a cute one? That kind of blue that reminds me of primary school uniforms and with a touch of pop-art reference for good measure.

  photo IMG_9384_zps6e1097c3.jpg 

Jumper, Criminal Damage, Selfridges, WAS £45.00 NOW £19.00

  photo IMG_9388_zps03727fee.jpg 

The last sweater steal for the season, a marl grey with hand-cuff design, cool enough for dressing up at night!

  photo IMG_9391_zps0ad2d7f2.jpg 

And now for the obligatory BOY london...

  photo IMG_9379_zps76567c99.jpg 

Vest, BOY London, Selfridges, WAS £35.00 NOW £10.00

  photo IMG_9378_zpsdd5f71e7.jpg 

So, I have a complex about BOY London. I really like the stuff and I really like the look, but I really hate how mainstream it is. I'm not one for shying from mainstream, but when it comes to BOY London, it all seems a little contrived. However, this vest is a little a-typical, in that it has a snap of Andy Warhol with a BOY London cap superimposed onto his head. I like that it isn't typical BOY London, so, I was sold.

  photo IMG_9409_zpsfb7cc70d.jpg 

YEY for filthy Salford!