Monday, 24 June 2013

LC:M SS14 - The Verdict

So, whilst we wait oh so patiently for SS13's weather to actually start, we ponder what we'll be wearing 12 months from now, freezing, wishing we were in Corfu.

London Collections: Men is going from strength to strength and this season's incarnation looked like a rather good gig! Pity I'm oop North, saving for a holiday or else I'd have been sipping champers like the rest of 'em!

What were my highlights I hear you holla? Oh, go on then...

Spencer Hart

 photo Screenshot2013-06-24at140654_zps11767994.png  photo Screenshot2013-06-24at140642_zps37e85c04.png  

I loved that ankles made an appearance in this line-up, crisp lightweight trousers with summery ankles is a sure way to scream summer!

James Long

 photo Screenshot2013-06-24at133835_zps397925d2.png  photo Screenshot2013-06-24at133845_zps564a931d.png 

I adore the wild print of these knits, you needn't wear anything of note when you've got one of these bad boys on. On another note, I wonder if I can get into baggy shorts?


 photo Screenshot2013-06-24at134832_zps5621c359.png  photo Screenshot2013-06-24at134843_zps1e45dceb.png   

As ever, I'm so into TOPMAN. The silky cowboy-esque shirts, to die, right?

Richard Nicoll

 photo Screenshot2013-06-24at135049_zps80f5b44b.png  photo Screenshot2013-06-24at135040_zps1da3093a.png  

YES to this Bomber and YES to those trousers.

Rag & Bone New York

 photo Screenshot2013-06-24at140617_zps11e4287c.png  photo Screenshot2013-06-24at140624_zps4ccf4fca.png

Yes, this is mainly about the cool mirrors.