Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Holiday Wardrobe Update: TK Maxx strikes again

The sun has got its proverbial hat on and I'm going out to play. Well, not play exactly, but shop.

Now, as is the case with many of you, I'm strapped for cash, but, also like many of you, I need some new gear to see me through the hotter months!

So, TK Maxx it is then? Whilst I would adore to drop a tidy grand in Harvey Nichols, I've got an outstanding electricity bill and a fat cat to feed so priorities kick into action. Also, needless to say, I have become quite au fait with the juggernaut in discount fashion and do enjoy a good rummage through the rails, picking out those bargains.

And... let's be honest, it is indeed a search and rescue operation, TK Maxx wouldn't be the best/worst kept secret in fashion blogging if it was easy to pick out this season's must-have with up to 60% off RRP now would it?

Holiday wardrobe was the brief and I have £100 to spend, no more, no less, let's get to it!

 photo IMG_9308_zps5397ae92.jpg

Tee, [designer name embargoed], £9.99 (RRP £26.00), TK Maxx
Jeans, [designer name embargoed], £29.99 (RRP £112.00), TK Maxx

The fit on this tee is divine, a gorgeous Danish brand, only launching in the UK for AW13, with that attention to scandinavian cleaness and simplicity we've come to adore on British shores.

The jeans are also just the ticket, I've been after a beach-washed jean all season and these are just the right amount of slim without compromising on comfort. Superbly soft denim with a neat suede logo patch on the rear.

 photo IMG_9313_zps38748cbb.jpg

Boat shoes, [designer name embargoed], £29.99 (RRP £90.00), TK Maxx

This egg-shell blue leather is timeless and adds a certain je ne sais quoix to my collection of boat shoes! 

 photo IMG_9319_zpsf4c73431.jpg 

 photo IMG_9327_zps2855b12f.jpg 

Tee, [designer name embargoed], £7.99, Current Season, TK Maxx

I love this simple see, it has a certain air of McQueen or Unconditional London about it, perfect for popping on for al frasco drinks with friends this summer. 

 photo IMG_9328_zpse734f5f4.jpg 

Swim Shorts, [designer name embargoed], £16.99 (RRP £50.00), TK Maxx

 photo IMG_9334_zpse58e820c.jpg

Another must-have for my upcoming holiday to the insanity that is Orlando Florida, I love that these shorts are fitted enough to be flattering but modest enough to hide what god gave me, always a plus in a family destination.

Bish bash bosh, the perfect injection of summer for my wardrobe and all for £94.95 saving well over £200.00! Cheers TK ;o)