Sunday, 7 April 2013

#FNOMCR Ideas for Fashion's Night Out Manchester 2013

Oosh, what I'd give to be part of the production team on an event like British Vogue's Fashion's Night Out Manchester. Can you imagine. The white board at the end of the meeting room would read: "how to throw a crackin' party," and the people would be just throwing fabulous ideas like "lots of champagne," and "more champagne," around the room.

Well, it might be a little more complicated than that. Nevertheless, I've thought up some ideas, all on my own, which I thought would be nice to see at the event in October, y'know, if budgets were sky high and the event was actually on for a month... What d'ya think?

 photo 7382204526_cfcec5fcb3_z_zps8874e63c.jpg

Air & Space Warehose, MOSI, Manchester

1) Fashion Show @ Museum of Science and Industry's Air & Space Warehouse, Castlefield

with wind-machine and lots of shearling-lined Muubaa jackets. Goggles optional. Event assistants in vintage air steward uniforms, compulsory. 

 photo DSCN3847_zps97390981.jpg

Indoor Christmas Market at Spinningfields, Manchester

2) Indoor Fashion Market @ Exchange Square

with low-cost but premium-looking stalls for local independent boutiques and designers, to help them get in on the action. Think glass cubes, not windy gazebos.

3) Live-Tweet Screen @ The Corn Exchange Big Screen, Exchange Square

to broadcast tweets and social posts from attendees, that carry the hash-tag #FNOMCR (and so I can totes block it up with my incessant tweeting!)

 photo quarry-bank-mill_zps669a924e.jpg 

Character Talk at Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, Cheshire

4) Quarry Bank Mill/MOSI exhibition and/or talk, Manchester Cathedral

to promote the importance of Manchester's historic contribution to fashion and textiles and the importance of re-establishing British industry and British-made-fashion.

5) Catwalk Conveyor Belt, Exchange Square

with a catwalk hosting models from participant stores, where attendees can buy direct from the catwalk, at 'shop the show' stalls.

6) VIP area on-board Concorde, Exchange Square

so we'd need to fly the supersonic plane from Manchester Airport to the city centre, and land it, but wouldn't it be a fabulous events space?

 Henry Holland, DJing at Selfridges Manchester Trafford

7) Battle of the DJs between Henry Holland and Nick Grimshaw, Selfridges

both northern monkeys, both up for a laugh and both lovely guys!

8) Something with a judging panel

so I can achieve my dream to be Cheryl Cole-like regional sweetheart Judge, please.

9) A legacy

so local businesses know how to get together and stage similar events, Marketing Manchester and Manchester City Council needs to ensure it takes the opportunity to meet retailers, talk about their needs and build on what will undoubtedly be a successful promotional event. Think what Altrincham did with the Portas Pilot, the legacy was in their ability to come together and work together, the £100k hasn't even been spent and they've turned the town around themselves!

10) Some of those Manchester Eggs. If you haven't tried one, you're missing out.

What would you like to see in October?