Thursday, 28 March 2013

Oliver Sweeney Care & Repair The Ultimate Guide

Whilst on a press tour of The Avenue in Manchester, a stretch of luxury retail in Spinningfields, I was pleased to revisit Oliver Sweeney, cobblers to the mighty.

The store is small but perfectly formed with shoes adorning all the walls available and even a sprinkling of apparel and accessories.

After being thoroughly briefed on best-sellers and things by the retail staff, the press tour moved on, but I was given a little take-away from the team at Sweeney in my goody bag, which took the form of a leaflet. Usually the first thing to be thrown away when rampaging through a goody bag, but, this time, actually one of the best bits!

So, you know what I did? I decided to give my brogues a polish.

I realise that I've blogged about Sweeney's care tips before but we all need a refresher once in a while and these tips apparently come from this guy:

 photo 4c1cc39a_zps4b8f1c5c.jpg

Tim Cooper, Cobbler-in-chief at Oliver Sweeney

First, I gave my brogues a little wipe down. Then, I got my polish, and the handy applicator that I got in my last goody bag!
 photo photo18_zps358154c7.jpg

Then I rub-a-dub-dubbed.

 photo photo19_zps3e7a88f7.jpg

Then I buffed and revealed a gorgeously shiny pair of brogues.

 photo photo17_zps15f3b24a.jpg

Brogues, Burton (Can't afford Sweeney dear reader)

Oh, and then repeated with all my other leather shoes....

 photo photo20_zpsf40d88ee.jpg

Find below snaps from The Ultimate Guide to Care & Repair direct from Sweeney's Cobbler-in-Chief and the Oliver Sweeney shoe care range!

 photo 87793a5d-3644-4548-b513-619916971351_zpsdccce13b.jpg

 photo 10bd660c-63c9-435c-a20c-296a4e20b4c5_zps4e6bc7f2.jpg photo oliveersweeney2_zps8b1abdfd.jpeg photo oliveersweeney21_zps8561e3de.jpeg