Thursday, 21 February 2013

SS13 Look Book: Beetle Crusher

So, I've stepped into the directional sphere and bought myself some Creepers. They're a little out there and the boyf calls them my lesbian shoes but I love 'em. I love them even more now because my parents told me the name they used to call them when the shoes made their d├ębut, Beetle Crushers. SUCH A COOL NAME.

This look blends my wish to be totes Blogger without looking like Susie Bubble dressed me in the dark, whilst pissed.


 photo JMcDowellGlasses_zps6ef335c6.jpg 

Jeans, ZARA
Socks, ASOS
Beetle Crushers, Underground, Office
Jewellery, TOPMAN
Sunglasses, RayBan, Selfridges

 photo JordanmcDowellNewYork_zps4a9a3e45.jpg

Love the tee, who knew New York's grid system would look so avant garde on a tee?
 photo JMcDowlel_zps6df66486.jpg
 photo JMCDOWELLFRAMBLER_zps2bd2bb9c.jpg
 photo JewelleryJordanMcDowell_zpsadb266a3.jpg 

Thumbs up or down?

 photo CreepersJordanMcDowell_zps3ee7d046.jpg

My Beetle Crushers, aren't you well jell?