Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dublin: Guinness, Whiskey and Pie

"O' to be sure, we had a grand time. It's a very pretty city," is the only thing I can say in a convincing Irish accent. BUT I CAN SAY IT IN AN IRISH ACCENT NONETHELESS. 

We did have a grand time, the city is indeed very pretty and since every American seems to think they are actually Irish, I wouldn't mind being Irish either!

We spent four days soaking up the alcohol, pie and sights of Dublin, visited the Guinness Storehouse, the Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery, Kilmainham Jail, the Brazen Head (the oldest pub in Dublin) for story telling, the Post Office on O'Connel Street where the 1916 Easter Rising took place, The National Museum of Natural History and a lot of bars (seriously, a lot).

Here's my jaunt in snaps.

 photo IMG_0445_zps92067a70.jpg
In flight magazine...

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Pint #1
  photo IMG_0448_zps61db2146.jpg 
  photo IMG_0488_zps78a53297.jpg Blurry night-out snap

   photo IMG_0452_zpsd009bade.jpg  photo IMG_0451_zps037bd9c9.jpg  photo IMG_0457_zps60666ad5.jpg  photo IMG_0473_zps037fc945.jpg  photo IMG_0500_zpsc703cddc.jpg  photo IMG_0502_zps8995a425.jpg 
  photo IMG_0507-1_zpsd58874e5.jpg  photo IMG_0508-2_zps1a30e816.jpg  photo IMG_0475_zpse58bfd0d.jpg  photo IMG_0513_zpsbdb3e922.jpg 

Kilmainham Jail

   photo IMG_0523_zpscfdd3983.jpg  photo IMG_0525_zps181cbc18.jpg  photo IMG_0526_zps88dfdf0c.jpg  photo IMG_0527_zps4727188a.jpg  photo IMG_0528_zps949b802b.jpg 

Grace Plunkett's cell at Kilmainham Jail

  photo IMG_0531_zpscc951036.jpg 

Mother didn't approve of the open-top tourist bus.

  photo IMG_0539_zps5a400985.jpg  

Nor did she like the large glasses...