Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SS13 Wardrobe Planning: Getting my arse into fashionable gear

Spring/Summer (love my inability to mention a season singularly) is fast approaching and I've barely packed away my mittens, let alone decided how I'm going to look! Best get cracking.

So, I've not got a blinking clue what "trends" I'm to expect this season because I've yet to go to a retail presentation and I wasn't concentrating last fashion week! Therefore, I've decided I'm negating such things and concentrating on these looks I've discovered all by my self.

Boy Soldier

Named after that easy ever-so slightly hard-looking yoof vibe, epitomised by TOPMAN and Alex Mattsson at London Collections: Man last year. You know the one, Shoreditch Poet meets body-glitter and knuckle duster. 

In lay man's terms? I need a silky bomber, Doc Martens, creepers and some cycling shorts to wear under my cut-off slacks. Easy peasy.

 photo TOPMANSS131_zpsae367307.jpg  photo TOPMANSS13_zpsd4bd29e8.jpg


 photo AlexMattssonSS131_zps0e8ff991.jpg  photo AlexMattssonSS13_zpsb94135cd.jpg  
Alex Mattsson


Minimalistic is difficult for me. I'm a big fan of accessories and I've even given myself a rather kooky New Years Resolution to buy MORE men's jewellery. Hmmm. Still, the statements made by minimal embellishment throughout Richard Nicoll and Nicole Farhi's shows at last year's London Collections: Men might turn me over to the lighter side.

   photo RichardNicollSS132_zps720b2dc2.jpg  photo RichardNiccolSS133_zpsacd43e50.jpg

Richard Nicoll
 photo NicoleFarhi1_zpsb5666716.jpg  photo NicoleFarhi_zpscec75320.jpg 

Nicole Farhi

Graduated Shades

Who knew multi coloured cardis and shirts were so the right thing to do this season? A step away from the above but nonetheless an option for brightening my wardrobe this season

Jonathan Saunders

The Arm

I've always loved a vest. I've been wearing dress shirts with the sleeves cut off for years and I'm loving that James Long and J W Anderson is seeing it my way for SS13. Arms are a skinny guy's best asset, easily toned, never offensive and always a little bit sexy.

   photo JamesLongSS13_zpsc95f3888.jpg  photo JamesLongS131_zpsdb287b60.jpg

James Long

 photo JWAndersonSS13_zps42d1b846.jpg  photo 167759_zpse6ca7240.jpg 

J W Anderson 
What will you be wearing this season? @jordanjmcdowell