Saturday, 26 January 2013

London Collections: Men: The (Belated) Verdict: A Series of Colons

One question I have been asking myself, since the concept was announced, why is it called London Collections: Men? Why isn't it just London Men's Fashion Week? WHY, I ASK!

One thing you might be asking is, why am I so late blogging about it? Well, dear reader, I live in the Republic of Manchester and LC:M, as the name so blaitently expresses, is a Londoner's gig and I've been a little out-of-touch despite the rather incredible effort from the BFC to boost the newbie event's presense via Social. Also, I've been totes busy detoxing from Christmas, so there.

My thoughts after two season? Good on ya Dylan Jones for giving menswear and kick up the arse and all without making it a big scary fashiony circus. Even those fence face masks were rugged, masculine and got even the most boyish of non-fashiony man talking. Woop!

Thought I'd do the true Blogger thing and pull together my mood-board of must-haves for reference to in later outfits post etc. Et Voila.

 photo AlexanderMcQueenAW13_zps1e551f39.jpg  photo AlexanderMcQueenAW132_zps3fc8e95b.jpg   photo JWAndersonAw13_zps7a713499.jpg  photo JWAndersonAW131_zps7072ad5f.jpg   photo JamesLongAw13_zps21f7924b.jpg  photo JamesLongAW131_zps563daf58.jpg    photo JonathanSaunders_zps0e0fe5b3.jpg  photo JonathanSaundersAW13_zpscda8ddfa.jpg    photo JWAnderson_zps924db1a0.jpg  photo MAN_zpsc9cbacc9.jpg  photo MrStart_zps15d63d6c.jpg  photo MrStartAW131_zps5a37262f.jpg  photo MrStartsAW13_zps9be44b04.jpg   photo NicoleFarhiAW13_zps64968ead.jpg  photo RichardNicollAW13_zps3cc53a3b.jpg  photo RichardNicollAW131_zpse50e177f.jpg
 photo TOPMAN_zpsda8fd6e3.jpg  photo ChristopherKanes_zpsb0cbba23.jpg

Alexander McQueen, Alexander McQueen, J W Anderson, J W Anderson, James Long, James Long, Jonathan Saunders, Jonathan Saunders, J W Anderson, MAN, Mr Start, Mr Start, Mr Start, Nicole Farhi, Richard Nicoll, Richard Nicoll, TOPMAN Design, Christopher Kane.

I think I'm going to go as far as I can with channelling my inner James Long without loosing my wish to be a minimalistic Prince a la Richard Nicoll, for AW13. I'm going to continue to focus on plain and simple pieces that evoke quality and longevity, whilst tapping into this broad shouldered, narrow waisted silhouette. Hey, I may even don a garden fence and a strapless boob-tube too.