Saturday, 8 December 2012

Brown paper packages, tied up with string: Christmas wrapping inspiration

As those who follow me on Twitter (@jordanjmcdowell) or on Instagram (@jordanjmcdowell) or who have read previous posts on this very bloggy woggy, will know that I've gone a little cray cray for Crimbo this year.

My obsession extends to Christmas gift wrapping. Obviously.

I've always been one for good gift wrap, one of the many attributes my mother passed on to me. We both would adore a Gift Wrapping Room like Niles in Fraiser, imagine the possibilities, the ribbons, the bows? Anywho, each year I adopt a theme for our gift wrapping, much to the boyf's amusement. Last year it was glitzy high-shine black and gold, inspired by a window display I saw at House of Fraser. The year before was a bit of a Paperchase orgasm and the year before that was white paper featuring green and red typography with green and red curling ribbon along with bright red foil and gold curling ribbon. *sigh*.

This year the boyf got involved and the outcome as been quite beautiful. We are doing Christmas on a budget (again) and so making a lot of our gifts. However, the wrapping has gone a little premium and cost a bloody arm 'n a leg, but we're happy anyway!

This year's theme is, "brown paper packages, tied up with string", inspired by the well known musical. Adam and I found a gorgeous website in a Christmas magazine he picked up, as obsessed with gift wrapping as us, called

Our concept was curated using the following delicious bits 'n bobs:

Brown Paper, obviously, also available at your local Post Office for cheaper.

£4.50 at

Brown Wrapping Paper - 8 Meter Roll 

String, again, obviously. However, we shook things up with not one but two types of string. Pushing the boat this Christmas! We firstly got red twine for the large parcels...

Jute Twine in assorted colours 

...and then a fine string for the delicate boxes.

Divine Bakers Twine 

We then went a little over board and opted for a really nice tape, which I at first thought was a ribbon, that says: "do not open til 25th December". Isn't that cute? Note: the tape is not very sticky so don't expect it to work as a sealant. It's more, aesthetic than adhesive.

"Do Not Open Till 25th" Paper Tape

Then we needed tags....

Recycled Paper Gift Tags - 20 Red and Green 

And some gorgeous stickers to stick on the tags...

30 Christmas Carol Stickers  

'n there you have it. A Christmas wrapping theme curated and fulfilled for a splendid Christmas of wrapping magic.

What do your parcels look like this year?