Thursday, 15 November 2012

Primarni no more: Primark Womenswear to join Selfridges Manchester Trafford

Well, didn't you see this one coming? Primark unveiled its Menswear concession for the Manchester Trafford Selfridges store this time last year and now, womenswear wants to join in the fun. Hurrah.

I doubt your shocked, I'm certainly not. My secret sources on the inside have told me that the Menswear concession currently takes double what two premium menswear concessions, which currently sit within the same department, take. Imagine the numbers behind womenswear?

I have always been a huge supporter of the Primark concession at Selfridges, mainly because I can't afford anything else in Selfridges. Well, not just that, I adore the Selfridges philosophy: the best under one roof and Primark is the best at what is does, fast-fashion interpretations of seasonal trends at ROCK BOTTOM prices so it should be included under the yellow fascia.

What do you think? @jordanjmcdowell