Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Adverts 2012: Making the ad breaks, unmissable

I do love a good advert, I really do. They get you talking, thinking, laughing, crying, they get you engaged with the magic talking light-box we stare at in our living rooms. They put media and the consumer into context in a way that escapist TV programmes try to avoid. 

Now, there is nothing quite like Christmas adverts. They're filled with nostalgia, optimism, consumerism and mince pies (generally). Here is a brief round up of some of the top notch ads so far this year.

John Lewis: A Journey

John Lewis always go for tear-jerker at this time of year, 2012 is no exception. Watch, cry, repeat.

ASDA: Behind every Christmas, there's Mum

An unexpected addition to the crop, from a brand more intrinsically linked with Christmas than most. Well, everyone eats at Christmas, don't they?

Louis Vuitton: L'Invitation au Voyage

The music in this makes me want to walk around my flat in slo-mo, touching things seductively as if they have indepth meaning and significance. Enjoy...

Coca Cola: Holidays are Coming

It isn't Christmas until you see the trucks. NOW THAT'S ADVERTISING.