Monday, 12 November 2012

A story about a rucksack: My latest purchase from ASOS

I love a good online shopping session, a bit of ecom nom nom. You know what I mean, the gratification from popping lots of virtual things in your virtual shopping basket and going to the virtual checkout is a novelty not yet lost on me and I don't expect it is on you either. I know these things. I work in ecom. *smug face*

I recently spent a small fortune on ASOS (so that I could qualify for free next day delivery and then send half the stuff back, like everyone does) After I had to create a NEW account because not only did I manage to lock ONE account for well over an hour (they lie when they say come back in half an hour) but I also locked the Boyf's. Still, I got there eventually. 

There was 25% off men's shirts, an offer I bought into well, there was also a couple of nice pieces in the clearance which I nabbed, all which you'll read about in an upcoming post. Now, the unexpected star of the shop, the item I didn't intend on buying but which I came across, by accident, in a click-a-thon of destiny. A red nylon rucksack.

This is quite a big deal because: A) I don't wear rucksacks B) I don't particularly go for this shade of red and C) I don't often do nylon accessories unless it's Halloween.

But, I have to say, it was love at first click. It was like everything you need in a rucksack, in one virtual grab.

I had the trunk of purchases shipped to my place of work, at just the time when my co-workers also had their latest ASOS shop delivered. Lunchtime came and we all opened our cardboard boxes. Out popped their designer buys for Christmas presents and out came my bargain basement bonuses, including, the red bag. I wasn't quite prepared for the reaction my lovely little bag got from my co-workers, whilst clutching their Mulberrys and Wangs they cackled at my man-made monstrosity, "what is that? Baaaahahahaha...."

"But, why?" I whimpered from my desk, "why don't you like it? It's for my trip to Florida..." Well, that was like hairspray to a bonfire. They couldn't contain themselves.

I'm not sure what reaction my little bundle of joy will attract on the street, not least on Main Street USA at Disney World, but I'm prepared for the backpack-lash and I will stand by my sack with all my might. You know why?

IT WAS £7.50!