Monday, 22 October 2012

BAGGED: A post of purchases from John Galliano, ZARA, Primark and more

It's been a while since I popped up a post of shopping bag goodies and as we move into a new season, what better time for a haul post, 'eh?

This beauty is my most recent purchase, a bargain from the £5.00 rail at Pop Boutique in Manchester's Northern Quarter that I got over the weekend. The buttons are poppers and are gorgeous, with a kind of mother-of-pearl ceramic on the top. It's a nice tight fit and looks rather dapper with skinny blue turn ups, for added irony.

Although, not everyone shares my love for this piece. when I picked it out from the rail, with a gleeful squeal, my friend Gwynne said to me: "Oh, but, will people know you're joking when you wear it?" Oh dear.

This tee is a little older but non-the-less post-worthy. It's from Zara and was a gift from the boyf. It just adds a little sparkle to what might be a plain ensemble and I'm all for that. Oh and I saw it in Made In Chelsea the other night! Style brownie points, surely?

The note pad is from Ted Baker, isn't it cute?

This tee is from Primark and I've not even worn it yet. It reminds me of my upcoming (read: it's twelve months away) holiday to Disney World. :D I got it from the newly revamped Manchester Primark store, oosh, what a make-over that is, go check it out if you're in the  North!

These pumps are from a fabby little Office outlet store on Manchester's St. Ann's Square and they're Polo Ralph Lauren. They're not usually my kind of thing but, believe it or not, I can go preppy every now and then. I got them mainly for the lace (yes, you did just read that) they're leather and just rather lovely to handle.... #fashionvictim

This jumper is from TK Maxx and was a steal at £16.00 for real wool! It's so comfy and fluffy that I just had to have it.

The wallet is also from TK Maxx and was a really good find, Sweeney by Oliver Sweeney for just £14.00 down from £95.00!

These jeans are from John Galliano, another TK Maxx treasure, from £275.00 to £75.00! They're a snug fit with a nice high waist with this cool coating over the top, which makes them my new 'smart' jeans.

This jumper is also from Pop Boutique, but the Liverpool branch, it was my only purchase after an unsuccessful shopping trip to the city. Liverpool is gorgeous but if you want shopping in the North West, stick to Manchester.

The cup was sent to me by Ted Baker, it's tin and makes me feel all manly when I have my before-bed Ovaltine.

Don't ya just love this? (No, not my pale arms) It's from Zara (the girl's dept) and I just bloody love it! Sleeveless, check, black, check, skull feature, check! What's not to like? Oh and it was just £7.00!

This pocket square is another Ted Baker piece, with a gorgeous reindeer antler pattern, very autumnal!